Newport Beach Whale & Wildlife Watching

During certain months of the year, the Pacific Gray Whale can be spotted while we are out in the open ocean.  The whales typically leave the Bering sea in mid-December to early January.  They travel all the way down the California coastline to Mexico’s Baja peninsula where the warmer water is better for having their calves.  The total journey is over 12,000 miles – one of the longest migration paths of any mammal.

There is also an opportunity to see the Gray Whales with their newly born calves as they start their journey back to the arctic seas in late March to mid-April.  The males generally leave earlier – throughout February to mid-March.

Actual Images from a Classic Yacht Excursion charter

Newport Beach whale watching

Newport Beach whale watching and sea lifeNewport Beach whale watching Newport Beach whale watching Newport Beach whale watching via Classic Yacht Excursions